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The Architecture of Uncertainty
Kevlin Henney, November 5th

Ralph Johnson defined architecture as "the decisions that you wish you could get right early in a project, but that you are not necessarily more likely to get them right than any other". Given our inability to tell the future how can we design effectively for it?

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John Romero: The future of the video games industry

Over 30 years ago, what seemed to be only an industry addressed to children, has conquered the world of entertainment, exceeding by far the music and the cinema market... In this webinar, one of the reigning kings in videogames' history, John Romero, creator of Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Quake, will give us his personal view of the industry's future. During the webinar, John is going to answer questions that attendees would like to address to the Master of video games.

Hadi Hariri: What can Kotlin do for me?

By now, you've probably heard of Kotlin and may have even taken a look at some of its features. And you might be wondering what the big deal is. Sure, it's got some nicer syntax—and what else? The thing about Kotlin though is that it's not about a list of features but how, together and in harmony, these features lead to a more enjoyable and productive development experience. In this talk, we're going to focus on showing why Kotlin solves some of the pain points you often encounter when writing code—be it Android, Server, or any other type of software development.