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Daniel Gabler's keynote on E-commerce

E-verywhere Commerce.

In this keynote, I will give you a glimpse into a unique combination of IoT, AI, Drones, and autonomous vehicles is forming the next generation of commerce. From mobile to voice interfaces, from manual to autonomous warehouses, from human operated to self-driving cars we are already in the next phase of e-commerce. Or as I say it: E-verywhere Commerce. The technology is here, the pilots are in operation, and broad adoption is imminient. I will show how Picnic and other retailers are building logistic platforms that unlock the next generation of commerce experience.


Daniel Gebler

Daniel is the CTO of PicNic, the world’s fastest growing online supermarket. PicNic makes everyday grocery shopping simple, fun, and affordable for everyone. Previously, he was Director R&D of Fredhopper, responsible for the product and technology roadmap, and led engineering teams located in Amsterdam and Sofia. Daniel holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and an MBA.

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In silence, Picnic worked for three years with a team of 30 specialists on a new distribution method, with which she is able to deliver the groceries without unnecessary intermediaries in each neighborhood. The customer chooses which ride is best and knows exactly how late the delivery will take place. Because the costs of this new distribution method are so low, the prices for the groceries can be low and the delivery is FREE.

We believe in smart and agile methods. Companies such as PicNic seem to be a source of inspiration for developers juniors and seniors alike.

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