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Berlin is truely a great place. We would like to show you some of the places we enjoy every time we visit the city.

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Berlin is massive. Our annual conferences help us to discover more an more cool places each year. From the Stasi Museum to the Hacker communities and the 3d printing meetup corners there is something for everyone to enjoy.


What is Codemotion Berlin?

Codemotion is the largest EU based multitrack tech conference for software developers and IT professionals.

2 days, 6 parallel tracks, 14 topics: Devops, Blockchain, AI/Machine Learning, Inspirational, GameDev, IoT Big Data, Front-end, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Serverless, Software Architecture, AR/MR/VR, Design, UX.

Codemotion serves as the catalyst for savvy IT professionals, eager Developers, smart Tech Communities and disruptive Startuppers to easily improve their strategies, relationships, and expertise they need to rapidly accelerate business growth.

Codemotion will bring to Berlin more than 60 internationally renowned speakers, hundreds of tech leaders, innovative business owners and leading tech companies for a two-day event designed to take you on a step-by-step journey through every topic about software development.




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We aggregated some relevant accomodation options here for any budget.

Why Kotlin? Davide Cerbo

BERLIN Kotlin, but why? September 20, 2018 Davide Cerbo The Interview The Speaker Try Kotlin Online The Interview At the #AperiTech meetup you delivered the talk entitled “Kotlin, but why?”.…

Upcoming Webinars!

explore our Upcoming Webinars UPCOMING WEBINARS DATE AND PRICE TITLE YOUR HOST Thu, Oct 18, 2018 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM CEST SUBSCRIBE DIRECTLY FREE. Microfrontends: the good, the bad…

Bring Your IT Team To Codemotion HR

Codemotion Berlin For Developer Teams The Codemotion Developer Conference in Berlin celebrates her 7th birthday in 2018. HR managers choose to bring their IT Teams to Codemotion because software developers think our…

Ashi Krishnan Berlin 2018: Living things

BERLIN Living Things Creating live code by Ashi Krishnan The Speech The Speaker GitHub Living Things We carry within us the power of creation. We build tools and systems, cultures…

Daniel Gebler Berlin 2018: Present applications of future technologies

BERLIN Present applications of future technologies Daniel Gabler’s keynote on E-commerce The Keynote The Speaker His Company E-verywhere Commerce. In this keynote, I will give you a glimpse into a…

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